What We’re Reading – July 25th, 2011

July 25, 2011
by: The Creative Perspectives Team

A collection of links by the team at Creative Perspectives.

Wired: While today there’d be a lot more interactive training, NASA went to some pretty amazing lengths to make sure that Apollo’s astronauts had practiced every second of every mission. OK, it’s 42 year-old news, but still impressive. — Tom McCrystal

UX Movement: A look at reasons why form tips should open with a mouse hover, rather than opening new windows. — Davis Murphy

TL Advisor Blog: How and when to use all the various flavors of social media. — Tom McCrystal (h/t to Susan Fisher @ Explore Learning.)

TechCrunch Europe: “How long it took Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to reach 10 million users“. Scary. — Tom McCrystal

CSS Tricks: A look into the difference between a user’s screen resolution, vs. the size of their browser window. — Davis Murphy

Electronista: “Adobe closes AIR Marketplace, InMarket stores“. We love Flash as a development tool, but here’s more evidence that Adobe doesn’t really have a clue about where they’re taking the platform.