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At Creative Perspectives, our overarching goal is to help you deliver great online learning — learning that is richly interactive, proven effective and simple to manage.

Intuitive training

At Creative Perspectives, we believe that great training is all about you — about meeting your objectives, engaging your staff, and maximizing your budget. We develop training that's tailored exactly to your needs and the needs of those you're training, regardless of their area of responsibility.

Technically speaking

Complex subject matter? We're ready. For over 20 years, we've helped train pharmaceutical reps, educated staff for biotech firms, and informed doctors. We've also created cutting-edge simulations for telecommunications industry giants and complex prototypes for human factors research.

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Learner access and reporting made easy

No LMS? No problem. With Creative Perspectives' Learning Resource Center™ we'll host your training content and provide real-time reporting so you'll know exactly where your team stands every step of the way. Find out more about the Learning Resource Center™ and about our development platform, Marionette™. Learn more...

Case Study

Launch-related training for pharmaceutical company

  • Suite of online learning modules, integrated self-checks and formal scored quizzes.
  • Training modules included animations and video.
  • Final course exam delivered on iPad with real-time scoring.
  • Continuing education programs include drive-time audio, video and advanced study modules.
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Supporting learners through structured programs of online study, practice opportunities, and formal assessments.

Our approach

Creating a well-rounded e-learning program comes from experience, hard work and a thoughtful approach — one that accounts for each aspect of learning — from building knowledge to reinforcing that knowledge. Learn more...

Our process

Deadlines, budgets, reliability and accuracy — if you care about these then you care about process. Fundamentally, a solid development process — from pre-planning to implementation — can make-or-break a successful launch. Learn more...

With respect to on-line training materials, they have a unique ability to combine interactive development with proven, science-based learning techniques such that the end-product is both engaging and effective. This is especially important in pharmaceuticals, given complex medical topics and a sophisticated healthcare audience of physicians, pharmacists and other professionals.
- Kathleen Long, Long Associates